Alamogordo, Otero County, New Mexico (H5) M294.1 & M294.3 are listed in “The Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Collection” book.

Ordinary chondrite (H5)
Found in 1938
New Mexico, USA

Found in 1938 by Nininger, this 42-gram specimen was catalogued at the American Meteorite Laboratory (no. 77.37). It was then sold in the mid 20th century to Buddhue. In 1974, Monnig bought the Buddhue collection. Then during the hand-over of the Monnig collection to the Texas Christian University in the 1980s, Huss recatalogued it (M294.2). Finally under the supervision of curator Ehlmann and with the help of New, it was deaccessioned from TCU.

Accompanied by Buddhue, TCU and New labels. (A.Mignan)