My name is Frank and I live the Houston Texas area.  I have been collecting Meteorites as a hobby since December 2011.  My full time job is running a family business with my Mom, sister,  nephew, and many other associates.  We sell new and used office furniture and have been in business since 1972.

Since December 2011 I have had a passion for collecting the rocks from outerspace that is drives my wife crazy.   My proud moment in my short history of collecting is naming a meteorite.  I purchased a 6 Kilo iron from a gentleman back in August of 2013.  This meteorite was just a rusty piece of iron without a name.  You can see it under my iron catagory and it’s name is Slaton (b).  The name was approved on 12-30-2013 and this just so happens to be from the same farm as the meteorite Slaton with is an ordinary chondrite.  Very uncommon to have two different type of meteorites from the same farm.

Please feel free to contact me if you like a certain meteorite in my collection, have a meteorite for sale, have a collection for sale, or if you think you have a meteorite.

My contacts are in order of preference;

text cell during business hours 281.650.0166